Family & Community

Family Involvement and Community Partnerships:
Highland Prep (HP) fosters a culture of character development and academic excellence that will require the education team, parents, students, and community members to work together to create solutions for current and future problems. Together, this learning community works as a team to create maximal opportunities for each student’s affective and cognitive development. HP’s culture is based on transparency about what it takes to move each student forward towards his or her potential.

Highland Prep believes that parent and community involvement is critical factor in each student’s success. In recognition of this potential limitation to student success, HP strives to build and strengthen the relationship between our school and our families by involving parents in the education of their children. HP hosts frequent parent-teacher conferences, open houses, extra-curricular activities, and parent academies that trains parents how to support their children with the school’s academic program. The HP education team ensures that parents are constantly aware of their child’s progress through weekly grades, advance posting of learning objectives and remedial and enrichment opportunities. Together, HP’s learning community maintains an active dialogue that will support mutual goals of:

i.     98% attendance rate
ii.  100% graduation rate
iii. 100% enrollment in post-secondary education
iv.  Meet Annual Measurable Achievement Objectives in all areas and subgroups
v.   Receiving an “A” on AZ Learns
vi.  Students with disabilities will have transition plans for post-graduation
vii. All students have a comprehensive personalized education plan (PEP) that supports their individual needs and goals.

HP recognizes that each student has different learning needs, that students with disabilities and those who require ELA services require quality and timely support. In deference of  these individual needs, HP offers before and after school tutoring, targeted remediation, one-on-one teacher tutoring and instruction that accommodates differentiated instruction through a formative assessment instructional system that creates an actionable personalized education plan (PEP) for each and every student in the school. We believe that with the right instructional supports, each and every student can and will learn. Further, that equity is defined not as treating everyone the same but rather “by ensuring that all students arrive to the same destination irrespective of the condition upon which they arrived.”

HP partner with several community organizations and continues to enlist community partners who acknowledge quality education is critical to long-term individual and community success. HP enlists partnerships with community organizations that offer programs and services that provide to HP students’ unique needs. These partners closely collaborate with government and social service agencies to support and assist schools in meeting the needs of Highland Prep’s families by providing additional external services and opportunities to the families in the form of scholarships, youth/teen support programs, leadership opportunities, and community service activities.

Highland Prep is committed to helping parents understand the state academic content standards and state assessments as well as provide materials and training to help parents work with their children to improve academic achievement. After enrollment, Parent-Teacher Meetings and Open Houses will continue to foster the relationship between the parents and the school, giving parents the opportunity to speak directly to teachers and monitor their children’s progress. Furthermore, these strategies will allow parents and the community to provide input to the school.