Faculty List

All Faculty and staff can be contacted through our Canvas Portal.

PrincipalShane JonesAbout Me
Assistant Principal Joesph ColeAbout Me
Director of CurriculumSteven MackAbout Me
Director of AthleticsJason WhitakerAbout Me
Academic CoachErin ZhangAbout Me
Academic CoachAndrea SteeleAbout Me
STEM CoachBjorn NorstromAbout Me
Office ManagerTammy ClineAbout Me
Office AssistantJacqueline CamposAbout Me
ConsulerJustice GrahamAbout Me
Director of Community Based Entrepreneurship and InnovationDr. Seth RachlinAbout Me
Mathematics Department
Mathematics FacultyJennifer MaughanAbout Me
Mathematics FacultyAnita KaddouraAbout Me
Mathematics FacultyDon SikesAbout Me
Mathematics FacultyJoshua LaguitAbout Me
Mathematics FacultyJoseph HallAbout Me
Mathematics FacultyDaniel Van Den BrandeAbout Me
STEM Department
STEM FacultyAndre HarbAbout Me
STEM FacultyWilliam PugelliAbout Me
STEM FacultyAdam JohnsonAbout Me
STEM FacultyTabatha HancockAbout Me
Language Arts Department
Language Arts FacultyScott MoellerAbout Me
Language Arts FacultyBart BondesonAbout Me
Language Arts FacultyHailey EnenbachAbout Me
Science Department
Science FacultyKaren ChandlerAbout Me
Science FacultyBrian lovinoAbout Me
Science FacultyDr. Jacob ParkmanAbout Me
Social Studies Department
Social Studies FacultyLindsay WalkerAbout Me
Social Studies FacultyMaximilian GulianAbout Me
Foreign Language Department
Foreign Language FacultyJennifer RoddaAbout Me
Physical Education Department
Physical Education FacultyJason ShawAbout Me
Fine Arts Department
Fine Arts FacultyTiffany RossiAbout Me
Fine Arts FacultyDr. Eunmi OhAbout Me
Humanities Department
Humanities FacultyMadison PlazolaAbout Me
ESS Department
Exceptional Student ServicesJateria MurrayAbout Me
Exceptional Student ServicesSherReese MayberryAbout Me