Counselors Corner

The school counselor provides cultural-competent services to students, parents, school staff, and the community. The goal is to provide guidance and support in academic, personal/social and emotional areas and prepare students with the knowledge and skills necessary to complete the high school program and reach college and career readiness. The school counselor will advocate for students by creating educational opportunities and assisting students to become engaged learners through participation in the STEM program. Throughout the high school experience students will develop resiliency, ability to cope, and be self-directed individuals. 

The School counselor will:

  • Meet with students individually to discuss any concerns in the academic, personal/social, emotional area.
  • Meet with students in small groups to address concerns/topics/barriers
  • Consult with teachers and assist in meeting the student individual needs 
  • Develop workshops for parents and deliver informational presentations 

Confidentiality: Information between the student and the school counselor is confidential. Information will not be shared with other parties unless:

  • It is believed that your life or you present a danger to others
  • If you report behavior in violation of school policy that your counselor is required to tell the school administration (identified in your student handbook)
  • If you ask your counselor to tell someone else

Office Hours: Monday- Friday 7:30am- 3:30pm